Financial statement audits give assurance over information used by investors and government agencies (FIRS, SIRS, CAC, SEC, etc). Audited financial statements are also required by financial institutions when negotiating a loan facility. Investors interested in buying into a Company requires audited financial statements in assessing the financial status of the Company.

We’ve integrated the latest technologies into our audit processes to respond to the evolving needs of business, regulators and investors. Our tailored audit services can help you build trust and confidence through transparency, clarity and consistency. We adapt our audit services to fit your unique needs, but what doesn’t change is the exceptional service quality we deliver to all our clients. Whether you’re already at the top or you’re on your way up.

We are professionals who have the breadth of experience that comes from auditing many of the world’s leading and fastest growing companies. We provide a consistent audit by assembling the right multi-disciplinary team to address the most complex issues, using a proven global methodology and deploying the latest, high quality auditing tools and perspectives.

Financial statements audit
Internal audit
Review of accounting and internal control systems

The main stages of our approach to the audit will be as follows:

  • Scoping
  • Identify And Assess Risks
  • Design Audit Response To Assessed Risks
  • Obtain Audit Evidence
  • Form Opinion
  • Report

The various stages of our audit approach will involve planning and control and regular contacts with top management in our bid to provide superior client service

Under the DE Maven Audit Approach, we use risk and assurance models to determine the evidence to collect and evaluate whether sufficient appropriate evidence was obtained to be able to draw reasonable conclusions to allow us form an opinion.

The approach ensures compliance with accepted standards on auditing. It is designed to ensure compliance with International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) and adapted to incorporate other standards where these are at a higher level. However, we do not explicitly reference standards but produce a statement reconciling the DE Maven Audit Approach to standards.