DE-Maven as a one stop firm for financial services offers a full range of bookkeeping and accounting services for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. We analyse your needs and partner with you as your bookkeeper, accountant, controller, adviserand chief financial officer(CFO), Our services are scalable to your business cycle as we respond timeously to your business needs during your peak and off peak periods.

When you engage DE-Maven, we will help you manage your key non-core functional areas so you can channel your resources towards maximizing your corebusinessand attaining growth. Our online bookkeeping and accounting services, distinguishes us as a pace setter in the provision of accounting services.

Our main aim is to help companies eliminate redundancy, focus on core business areas and increase profitability.We deploy a proven methodology that saves you 45% of the costs of running an in-house Accounts Unit.We offer timely, cost effective, scalable and customized accounting solutions with 24/7 access to your financials through cloudaccounting software and our secure web document management portal.

Our services are as good as engaging a full team of seasoned in-house financial accounting professionals without actually hiring them. Our quality service adds value to your company by minimizing overhead costs, increasing productivity of your core team, and most importantly relieveyou of all the finance handling processes.


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Bookkeeping and Accounting

We offer full range of bookkeeping and accounting services for SME and big businesses. We analyse your needs and partner with you as your bookkeeper, accountant, controller, adviser, CFO . Our services are scalable during periods of peak periods, and then can be scaled back when during off peak period


DE-Maven provides advice on tax planning with an objective of minimizing the organisation’s tax burden through a careful arrangement of the company’s activities. The firm adopts a robust approach to its tax services, which include taking advantages of the special provisions in the tax laws and local tax incentives regime.

Audit Assurance

We’ve integrated the latest technologies into our audit processes to respond to the evolving needs of business, regulators and investors. Our tailored audit services can help you build trust and confidence through transparency, clarity and consistency. We adapt our audit services to fit your unique needs, but what doesn’t change is the exceptional service quality we deliver to all our clients.

Corporate Secretary

We guide local and foreign investors in navigation of the Nigerian business terrain. From set-up through to operation of the business we provide advice on suitable structures as well as drafting of relevant agreements and ancillary documents required for the successful take off and operation of businesses.


Our training covers Accounting and Auditing, Finance, Credit, Treasury and Risk Management, Data analysis and financial modelling and Information Technology

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