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Tax Consultancy

The Nigerian tax landscape is fraught with a number of statutory and administrative peculiarities that could increase the risk and costs for the non-discerning business. DeMaven provides advice on tax planning with an objective of minimizing the organisation’s tax burden through a careful arrangement of the company’s activities.  The firm adopts a robust approach to its tax services, which include taking advantages of the special provisions of the tax laws and local tax incentives regime. We also help the client to manage their compliance obligations in a manner that optimizes their operations and increase the effectiveness of their overall corporate strategy.  With our compliance services, we focus on helping to prevent tax issues from becoming tax problems.  Our services include Tax Planning and Compliance Management in the following:

  • VAT registration
  • Monthly filing of WHT, VAT, etc
  • Income tax computation and filing of annual returns
  • PAYE computation and filing
  • Other taxes and fees e.g Consumption tax, Land use charge, etc

Company Income Taxes (CIT & ET)

  • Registration of the company with the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).
  • Preparation and filing of the Company’s annual CIT returns with FIRS
  • Processing and obtaining annual Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC)
  • Liaising with the FIRS to resolve tax queries
  • Representing the company at tax audit engagements conducted by the FIRS and
    other regulatory agencies, and resolving issues that may arise there from.
  • Review corporate tax records to determine the extent of compliance with the
    enabling legislation and identify areas of potential exposure.
  • Provision of advice, based on hands-on experience, on the tax implications of
    the new legislation, transactions and services.
  • Review of corporate tax records to identify possible tax planning opportunities to
    legitimately determine corporate tax exposure.

Withholding Tax Services

  1. Assisting clients to remit WHT deducted from vendors’ invoices and following up
    with the tax authorities to obtain receipts.
  2. Representing the company at routine WHT audits, and attending to queries
  3. Advising on the utilization of WHT receipts collected for CIT planning and

Value Added Tax Services

  1. Registration of clients with FIRS for VAT purposes
  2. Advising or assisting in preparing and filing monthly VAT returns with the local
    FIRS office.
  3. Representing clients at routine VAT audits, and attending to any queries raised.
  4. Providing VAT advisory services per relevant legislation.

Payroll Services/ Payroll restructuring.

  1. Registering clients and its employees with relevant State BIRS, NHF and ITF
  2. Developing tax efficient payroll structure and assisting clients in implementing
  3. the preferred option.
  4. Customizing payroll processing package to meet client’s requirements.
  5. Processing the monthly payroll based on information provided by clients.
  6. Assisting in the computation of employee tax (PAYE), and NHF contributions
  7. monthly.
  8. Remittance of monthly PAYE tax, and NHF contributions to relevant authorities.
  9. Conducting a review of the local and expatriate staff PAYE taxes for compliance purposes
  10. Restructuring payroll for tax compliance and efficiency.
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