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In today's global business environment, expansion strategies, alliances and divestitures often spin-off a wide range of legal, regulatory and compliance issues that may impact on the overall success or failure of a business. We guide local and foreign investors in the navigation of the Nigerian business terrain. From set-up through to operation of the business we provide advice on suitable structures as well as drafting of relevant agreements and ancillary documents required for the successful takeoff and operation of businesses.

Company Secretarial Services:

By section 293 of CAMA, all registered companies in Nigeria are required to appoint qualified Company Secretaries. Without appointing a Company Secretary the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) will not permit any post incorporation filing/changes in the company (e.g. appointing new directors, removing a director that has resigned, transfer of shares etc). It will not also permit the company to file its statutory returns. The appointment of the Company Secretary is a regulatory requirement and is required to be filed with the CAC.

Where we are appointed as Company Secretary the scope of our services will be as follows:

  1. Coverage of Board Meeting and AGM Meetings
  2. Preparation and filling of statutory Returns.
  3. Keeping and updating of Statutory Records.
  4. Preparation of Dividend Warrants and Issuance of Shares Certificates etc.
  5. Advising on procedure and assisting in effecting status changes
  6. Assisting clients in processing and obtaining necessary approvals.
  7. Nominal Directors Services
  8. Registered Office Address and Mail Forwarding Services
  9. Bank Account Opening Services
  10. Bank Signatories Services
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