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CFO services 

We offer full time and part-time CFO services. If engaging a full-time CFO is expensive, you can engage our part-time CFO which will enable you to cut down on high salaries and still manage your financials. DE-Maven will give you 24/7 access to CFA, ACA and MBA level staff at affordable costs. We understand that companies requires a different service portfolio, so we handle each client based on their requirements. A typical team of CFO services consists of a Chartered Financial Analyst, Chartered Accountant, a Bookkeeping Specialist, and a Customer Support Manager.

Our CFO services include:

  1. Budgets and Forecasting
  2. Cash Flow Management
  3. Financial Risk Management
  4. Financial Contracts Review
  5. Preparation of Key Performance Indicators
  6. Financial Analysis and Modeling (ratio analysis, break-even analysis, NPV and IRR analysis)
  7. Financial statements analysis - monthly, quarterly, and annual management reports
  8. Ad-hoc reports and industry reports (fact books and competitor analysis)
  9. Financial health status reports
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