DE-Maven as a one stop firm for financial services offers a full range of bookkeeping and accounting services for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. We analyse your needs and partner with you as your bookkeeper, accountant, controller, adviserand chief financial officer(CFO), Our services are scalable to your business cycle as we respond timeously to your business needs during your peak and off peak periods.

The freedom to run your business anywhere, anytime. From Sage, the leader in accounting software. Simple, Secured, affordable, Compliant and Flexible accounting and payroll software.
Customised bookkeeping, accounting, and tax services that meet your business needs.
Excel skills has stood out as one of the most important skills for personal effectiveness and business process efficiency. Our MS Excel academy courses have been carefully designed to help you become more productive in your career.


MS Excel templates and financial models, tax guide, articles, economic and finacial updates, etc

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Who We Serve

We bring our industrial experience to deliver quality services for our clients in key sectors of the economy

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Why Choose DeMaven


We are available for you, whenever, wherever.


Come up with ideas that will help your business.


We are in the present, stay current with you, not focused on the past, prompt project delivery and meeting reporting deadline.

Comprehensible Advice

We relate with you in ways you can understand.

Client Choice and Control

We give you options and let you choose.

Improved Relationship

It’s more than just a transaction,exceptional service begins with exceptional relationship.

High Level of Expertise

Our practitioners have specialist knowledge.

Client-focused Services

We use a client focused approach to deliver excellent services to our clinets.